How can counselling help?

Counselling is for anyone who is facing difficulties in their life. It provides a safe, confidential place to be heard by a therapist who is qualified and trained to listen in an understanding and non-judgemental way. Your reasons for coming to counselling will be personal to you, but for many of us, when life is challenging, we can become overwhelmed and may feel anxious, depressed, ashamed and alone. The counselling relationship can help to ease feelings of isolation, and provides caring support which not only helps clients to cope but also helps them to become more confident in themselves and be able to find their own inner resources to deal with their problems. 


How it works

Sessions are  1 hour long and generally will be held at an agreed time each week. The number of sessions required will vary from client to client, dependent on their different needs.  In the first session we can talk about your specific requirements and also discuss  any concerns or queries you may have.

All sessions are confidential as per the BACP (British Ass.of Counselling & Psychotherapy) guidelines, and I will explain what this means at your first session.


Individuals                                  £40 (1 hour)

Individual online counselling  £40 (1 hour)

Initial consultation                    £25

(Concessions may be considered for low income.)